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Field Care

To ensure a great trophy for years I have listed some field care tips for you when you are in the field before your trophy gets to me or any other Taxidermist.  Proper care in the field mean a beautiful trophy for years.  I have discovered from one of my customers that if you have a machinge that can seal food this is the best way to keep fish, birds and small game from getting freezer burn.


* Always handle carefully
* Never Gut
* Tuck cotton as a plug into the mouth and nostrils
* Place head first into nylon stocking to keep feathers smooth
* Seal in an airtight plastic bag
* Freeze immediately or take to your taxidermist


Big Game:
* Never slit the throat, cut the neck to remove windpipe or hang by the neck
* Contact a Taxidermist to ensure porper care
* Skins spoil quickly in warm weather if not givin prompt attention, especially bear.
* Avoid direct sunlight
* Never place skin in plastic bag unless it is frozen immediately


* Never Gut
* Handle gently, especially fins
* Wrap in wet towel
* Seal in aritight plastic bag
* Freeze or take to your taxidermist
Remember proper field care means a beautiful trophy for years to come.